We care about what we drink, how we eat, where we live. But why do we miss what we breathe?


Reair. Let´s breathe. A product and service that revolutionizes the air in your office. In a moment you will find out what all the air contains and whether your brain is sufficiently oxygenated. It's impossible to function without the brain The result is fresh air flowing all around you, which is what the typographic logo is about to trigger.

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Jiří Janoušek

There is great cooperation with Ondrej. He helped us devise a whole visual style for our smart sensors. He did a great job, he understood exactly the way we want to present. He created a beautiful logo, helped to design the layout of the website so that everything made sense and created graphics for it. 

We certainly recommend cooperation, not only interested in creating graphics, but also wanted to find out exactly how our sensors work, so that his design fits best. 

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